How To Sell On Social Without Sounding Salesy

SELLING is one of the most frightening aspects of running a company for many individual. On social media, how can you market without being “pushy”? Is there a way to sell without really “selling” anything?

What can you do to avoid that sickening sensation in your stomach while trying to close a sale? These are questions I’ve heard a zillion times before, so I absolutely understand it! In actuality, you are a company owner, and to be successful, you must make sales!
You don’t have to be a fraud, a liar, or someone you’re not to go ahead, thank goodness! You don’t want to be one of those sleazy used-car salesmen, right?

As a result, how can we deal with this big problem, particularly on social media?

👉 We need to figure out how to sell.

👉 Exactly what are we supposed to say?

👉 How can we utilize social media to make a sale without making a sale? Is this a contradiction in terms?

It’s not impossible, though… to which this piece will devote the remainder of its time!

In what way is social selling different from other ways of selling?

Let’s clear the air with a few definitions first. In contrast to what many people believe, social media marketing isn’t only about posting links to your goods or services.

Instead, social selling should be seen as a means of generating new leads.

So that when the time comes for a customer to make a purchase, your product or service is the obvious option.

“Social selling is taking away the pitch component of sales,” says Paul Sowada, Market Development Manager at Binocular. Conversations about your products and services are being sparked, and this may naturally lead to purchases.

Do you doubt the power of social selling?

In fact, according to LinkedIn, 78% of social marketers outsell their colleagues who do not utilize social media. This seems to be solid evidence to me!

There are '5 Ways to Sell on Social Media without Sounding Pushy

Are you prepared to begin selling…without selling? The following are five strategies to achieve just that!

1. Take the time to genuinely serve others.

To begin, if you’re afraid of the sales, here is the best spot to begin.

Let go of the idea of how much money you’ll earn.

Instead, focus on your worth and how you can benefit OTHERS while presenting yourself as a leader.

2. Make your customers the most important thing in your life!

Let them know you care about them and that you’re sincere in your desire to help them out of their predicament.

People are considerably savvier these days, and many are weary of being “sold to” when perusing their social network. These folks are more interested in meeting those who really care about them and their problems.

That’s why you should put your primary attention on assisting, caring, and serving, no matter what else you do.

3. Listen.

In a car lot or department shop, why do you avoid the salesman? Because of this:

👉 Start their sales presentation without first getting your permission.
👉 You should never stop expressing your thoughts or offering ideas.
👉 Do not care about you or the issue you’re attempting to address.
👉 Not a single of what you have to say is worth paying attention to at this point.

Because they believe that if they are attentive, courteous and say all the right things, they will be able to sell their product.

Take a cue from these people and go the other way:


Listen to what people are saying on social media, and explain what you can do to help them.
Then you will know for sure that you have the answer to their difficulty.

As a result of following this strategy, you’ll discover that customers will WANT to purchase from you rather than just because you’ve convinced them to do so.

4. Teachers make money.

You’re certainly familiar with the ancient Chinese saying, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day.” Teach a man to fish, and you will provide him with food for a lifetime.”
Social networking can help you stand out in a highly competitive field. There is a fantastic chance to “sell without selling” that is being missed since so many individuals are focused only on making a profit.

Educating using social media may take several forms:

👉 Making frequent Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram live broadcasts
👉 Creating free resources that your audience may access, such as manuals, eBooks, and reports
👉 Webinars that are educational in nature
👉 Creating educational social media messages and images. “

The objective to this technique is to attract new customers by offering free, high-quality material that they can’t resist.

The quality of your content will determine whether or not your prospects are willing to pay for it.

5. Get to know each other.

Serving, listening, and educating are excellent first steps, yet they fall short. Building connections on social media is the last piece of the puzzle.

This is what it’s going to look like:
👉 Taking the time to answer inquiries and respond to feedback
👉 Distributing information created by others
👉 Your “superfans” get extra attention.
👉 Shutting down critical discourse
👉 Being open to new ideas and taking them into consideration.

It’s important to remember that the goal of social media is to connect with others, not to get your message out there.

However, this does not imply that you must be glued to your computer 24 hours a day!

Make a point of monitoring your social media accounts numerous times a day, and answer to any posts that need your attention. A virtual assistant may make your life so much simpler as you develop, so consider employing one!

6. Make people want to take the next step.

Understanding how to post on social media without appearing “pushy” is a significant aspect of social selling.

For example, it’s doubtful that a Facebook post showing a product picture with a “Buy Now” button would get any momentum with customers.

So, what are your options for making a sale…without making a sale?
👉 Social media headlines that get people to click on them are the best way to increase your reach.
👉 Your writings should be used to create trust and change the beliefs of your audience.
👉 Be aware of what makes people click on your postings (and utilize this information to your advantage!)